При регистрация на домейн име Потребителят се съгласява да се съобразява освен с Общите условия за ползване на услугите на Host.bg, с условията на международната организация за домейн имената ICANN и с условията за регистрация на домейна и обслужването му, поставени от регистъра за съответния домейн. Регистър за домейна е организация или фирма, която има изключителното право да организира регистрацията на едно или няколко домейн разширения и да определя правилата за тяхното разпространение, решаването на спорни въпроси и др.

Общи условия на регистрите за домейни, които можете да регистрирате в Host.bg:

gTLD и ccTLD – ICANN – https://www.icann.org/en/about/participate/fellowships/terms-conditions
gTLD и ccTLD – Public Domain Registry – https://publicdomainregistry.com/legal/
IDN .COM, .NET, .NAME – TuCows – https://www.tucowsdomains.com/
.COM, .NET, .NAME, .CC, .TV – Verisign – https://www.verisigninc.com/en_US/legal/index.xhtml
.BG – Регистър БГ – https://www.register.bg/user/static/help/bg/index.html
.EU – EURID – https://www.eurid.eu/files/trm_con_EN.pdf
.ORG – PIR – https://pir.org/policies/
.PRO – Registri.Pro – https://www.registry.pro/legal/terms
.INFO, .MOBI – Afilias – https://www.afilias.info/legal-notices
.BIZ, .US – Neustar – https://www.neustar.biz/legal
.IN – Registry.in – https://registry.in/Policies
.ME – Domain.me – https://domain.me/policies/
.TEL – Telnic – https://www.nic.tel/legal.html
.CO – Go.Co – https://www.go.co/terms-of-use.php
.ASIA – DotAsia – https://www.dot.asia/policies/DotAsia-Privacy-Policy-2013-06-05.pdf
.BZ – Belize NIC – https://www.belizenic.bz/support/privacy.php
.WS – Samoa NIC – https://samoanic.ws/faq/index.dhtml
.XXX – ICM Registry – https://icmregistry.com/policies/
.САЙТ, .ОНЛАЙН – Core – https://cyrillicregistry.com/policies/
.at – nic Regitry – https://www.nic.at/en/service/legal-information/registration-guidelines/
.be – DNS Belguim – https://www.dnsbelgium.be/en/domain-name/registering-domain-names
.it – IT-NIC – http://www.nic.it/en/register-your-it/registering-it
.fr – AFNIC – https://www.afnic.fr/medias/documents/politiques/Afnic-Registration-Rules-1-and-2-characters.pdf
.nl – CIDN Registry – https://www.sidn.nl/downloads/terms-and-conditions/General%20Terms%20and%20Conditions%20for%20nl%20Registrants.pdf
.ro – Romanian National R&D Computer Network – http://www.rotld.ro/engleza/index_en.html
.cz – CZ.NIC – https://www.nic.cz/page/314/rules-and-policies/
.pl – NASK – http://www.dns.pl/english/maindn.html
.gr – FORTH-ICS – https://grweb.ics.forth.gr/public/brief_instructions.jsp?lang=en
.io – NIC.IO (run by Internet Computer Bureau) – http://www.nic.io/terms.html
.me – domain.me (doMEn) – http://domain.me/policies/
.us – Neustar – http://www.neustar.us/the-ustld-nexus-requirements/
.uk – Nominet UK – http://www.nominet.uk/domains/about-domain-names/#rules
.cc – eNIC (a VeriSign company) – https://www.verisign.com/en_US/channel-resources/become-a-registrar/verisign-domain-registrar/domain-registration/index.xhtml
.asia – .Asia Registry (Technology Service Provider: Afilias) – http://www.dot.asia/draft/DotAsia-General-Policies–FINALDRAFT-v-1-0.pdf
.ru – Coordination Center for TLD RU – https://cctld.ru/en/docs/rules.php
.in – INRegistry – https://registry.in//Policies/
.co – .CO Internet S.A.S – http://www.go.co/company/domain-management/registration-policies
.es – ESNIC – http://www.dominios.es/dominios/en/todo-lo-que-necesitas-saber/normativa
.ca – Canadian Internet Registration Authority – https://cira.ca/policies/
.berlin – dotBERLIN GmbH & Co. KG – http://dot.berlin/files/u4/BERLIN-Registration-Policy.pdf
.jobs – Employ Media LLC – http://www.goto.jobs/
.ngo/ong – Public Interest Registry – http://pir.org/policies/ngo-ong-policies/
.desi – Desi Networks LLC – http://registry.desi/
.tokyo – GMO Registry – https://www.icann.org/resources/agreement/tokyo-2013-11-13-en
.blog – Nominet – https://knockknockwhoisthere.files.wordpress.com/2016/08/dotblog-launch-and-registration-policy-2-0.pdf
Donuts Groups – Donuts Registry(Tin Avenue, LLC) – http://www.donuts.domains/website-terms-of-use
Rightside Registry Group – Rightside Registryhttp://rightside.co/registry/for-registrars/
Afilias Group – Afilias Registry https://afilias.info/policies
.onl, .rich – I-REGISTRY Ltd. – http://www.i-registry.com/
.vegas – Dot Vegas Inc. – http://www.nic.vegas/policies/
.vote, .voto – Monolith Registry LLC – http://get.voto/voto-anti-abuse-policy
Minds and Machines Group – Minds + Machines Group Limited https://www.mindsandmachines.com/terms
Uniregistry Group – Uniregistry – http://uniregistry.link/registry-policies/?file=1449
ARI Group – ARI Registry Services – http://ariservices.com/termsandconditions.php
.build – Minardos Group – https://www.domain.build/policies
.luxury – Luxury Partners, LLC – http://nic.luxury/
.men – Famous Four Media – https://www.famousfourmedia.com/about-us/privacy/
.menu – Wedding TLD2 LLC(WhatBox?) – www.whatbox.co
.one – One Registry – http://nic.one/policies/
CentralNIC Group – XYZ.COM LLC – https://www.centralnic.com/support/privacy
.bar, .rest , – Punto 2012 – http://www.register.bar/policies/
.collage, .rent, .xyz – XYZ.COM LLC – https://go.college/registrationterms
.design, .inc, .wiki – Top Level Design – http://toplevel.design/policy/
.love – MerchantLaw.com – https://www.merchantlaw.com/secondary-footer-links-parent/legal
Radix Group – RadixRegistry – http://radix.website/policies/
Neustar Group – Registry Neustar- http://www.registry.neustar/
.club – CLUB Domains LLC – http://nic.club/terms/
.nyc – The City of New York by and through the New York City Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications – http://www.ownit.nyc/policies/
.uno – Dot Latin LLC – http://www.unodominio.com/index-en.html
.byzz – DotStrategy, Co. – http://get.buzz/about/terms-of-service-tos/
.best – BestTLD Pty Ltd – http://www.peoplebrowsr.com/
Verisign New gTLDs Group -Verisignhttp://www.verisign.com/en_US/privacy/index.xhtml
.ooo – Infibeam Incorporation Limited – http://www.nic.ooo/policies/ooo-policies
.markets – Boston Ivy Registry – https://bostonivy.co/markets-registry-policies/
.career, .jobs – DotCareer LLC – http://dotcareer.jobs/policies.html

Списък на домейните в групите:
Donuts Group 1: .agency .business .center .city .company .directory .education .email .equipment .exposed .football .fyi .gallery .graphics .gratis .institute .international .lighting .management .network .photography .photos .reisen .report .run .schule .soccer .solutions .supplies .supply .support .systems .technology .tips .today
Donuts Group 2: .academy .associates .bargains .bike .boutique .builders .cab .cafe .camera .camp .cards .care .cash .catering .chat .cheap .church .cleaning .clothing .coffee .community .computer .construction .contractors .cool .deals .digital .direct .discount .dog .domains .enterprises .estate .events .exchange .express .fail .farm .fish .fitness .florist .foundation .gifts .glass .gripe .guide .guru .house .immo .industries .kitchen .land .life .limited .marketing .mba .media .money .parts .place .plumbing .plus .productions .properties .rentals .repair .sarl .school .services .shoes .show .singles .solar .style .team .tools .town .toys .training .vacations .vision .watch .works .world .wtf .zone
Donuts Group 3: .apartments .bingo .capital .careers .claims .clinic .coach .codes .condos .coupons .cruises .dating .delivery .dental .diamonds .engineering .expert .finance .financial .flights .fund .furniture .golf .healthcare .hockey .holdings .holiday .insure .jewelry .lease .legal .limo .maison .memorial .partners .pizza .recipes .restaurant .surgery .tax .taxi .tennis .theater .tienda .tours .university .ventures .viajes .villas .voyage
Other Donuts Domains: .accountants .casino .credit .creditcard .energy .gold .investments .loans .pictures .tires
Rightside Registry Domains: .actor .airforce .army .attorney .auction .band .consulting .dance .degree .democrat .dentist .engineer .forsale .futbol .gives .haus .immobilien .kaufen .lawyer .live .market .moda .mortgage .navy .news .ninja .pub .rehab .republican .reviews .rip .rocks .sale .social .software .studio .vet .video
Afilias Domains: .black .blue .global .green .kim .lgbt .onl .pink .poker .red .rich .shiksha .vegas .vote .voto .在线 (Chinese IDN for .ONLINE) .موقع (Arabic IDN for .SITE) .移动 (Chinese IDN for .MOBILE) .中文网 (Chinese IDN for .NETWORK)
Minds and Machines Domains: beer .casa .cooking .country .fashion .fishing .fit .garden .horse .kiwi .london .rodeo .surf .vodka .wedding .work .yoga
Uniregistry Domains: .audio .blackfriday .christmas .click .diet .flowers .game .gift .guitars .help .hiphop .hosting .juegos .link .lol .photo .pics .property .sexy .tattoo
ARI Domains: .build .luxury .men .menu .one .شبكة (.shabaka)
CentralNIC gTLD Domains: .bar .college .design .ink .love .rent .rest .wiki .xyz
Radix Domains: .host .online .press .site .space .tech .website
Neustar Domains: .best .buzz .club .nyc .uno
Verisign New gTLDs: .ooo .career .markets